Mark and policy related to law

If purchase it, this.

What do you buy?

1.Item Name

Please let me know the shipping address for this order.

1.Full Name
2.Address Line 1
3.Address Line 2
5.State/Postal Code
7.Phone Number

The means to pay has the following methods.

1.PayPal: E-mall address of our store""
2.Credit card: Please tell the credit card information.
・Card Number
・Validate Date
・Full Name
・Card Company Name
(Please divide the information for security, and, please send it).

The transportation means have the following methods.
The postage changes buy size and a destination.
Postage is paid by the customers.

2.Air Mail
4.Sea Mail

Please contact us if you'd like further information.
We are looking forward to your order.

Thank you.

Distributor name
Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation Corporation
Person in charge of management
Naoki Maeda
Location of company
2-350-1,Ryogae-cho,fushimi-ku,Kyoto City,Kyoto Prefecture,612-8082,JAPAN
Telephone number
075-603-8688 hours 9:30〜17:30( closing on weekend )
Fax number
Manufacturing and sales of, one hundred poem-cards, and games
Sales of Game of Go articles and Japanese Chess articles
Sending out excluding Japan becomes actual expenses.
Prepayment: Credit card(VISA, JCB, MASTER),PayPal
How to order
Please order with the fax or mail on this site.
Delivery fee
The delivery fee becomes actual expenses by the country of the delivery.

Information that has been disclosed on this site doesn't obtain permission by the document beforehand, except when permitted specially, and it be prohibited to distribute or to reproduce everything partially of this site all regardless of the means or the form.
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