Introduction of Kyoto Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation

Policy of Kyoto Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation

Our company keeps always advancing without staying though the tradition is valued, and keeps creating the new one.

It is said that the Game of Go and Japanese Chess that was an ultimate tradition game can have been made 4000 years ago from old times.

The policy of the shop of old standing Kyoto Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation of the Game of Go and Japanese Chess sales values the tradition, and always requests new.

The Game of Go and Japanese Chess are the completed ultimate games, and it is a game and tools that the hand might not be added anywhere.

However, our company applied the light in a modern age while emphasizing the tradition further, and had always tried to be new.

Playing runs to composure

Playing in person's mind after the human race had existed on this earth budded.
The playing runs to composure and richness.

Our company keeps being loved by everybody, be familiar, and be establishment 200 years or more.

The Game of Go and Japanese Chess give live enriching and intellectual stimulation.
The Game of Go and Japanese Chess are kings of a root intellectual game where it sits in the culture and the tradition of Japan.

Oishitengudo known to the whole country by one hundred poem-cards and karuta is a specialty store of the Game of Go and Japanese Chess.

→ The page of sales of one hundred poem-cards, Korin karuta, and Iroha karuta of Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation is here.

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Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation Corporation
Postal Code 612-8082 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, fushimi-ku, Ryogae-cho, 2 chome, 350-1
Naoki Maeda
Telephone number
Fax number
Manufacturing and sales of, one hundred poem-cards, and games
Sales of Game of Go articles and Japanese Chess articles
10 million yen
Company History

1800 The company begins the business.
1930 The joint-stock company Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation establishes it.
1999 The joint-stock company changes to the company.
Tax-free Shop
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Go and Shogi Luxury goods shop【Japanese】
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